Lasting Power of Attorney

What is an LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney)?

When you have a physical or mental condition that makes it hard for you to handle your own financial and legal affairs, an LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) gives you someone you trust the authority to manage your affairs on your behalf.

Types of LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney)

There are generally two types of LPA:

Property and financial

LPA for handling your property and financial affairs. It gives authority to a chosen person to manage your financial matters, bank accounts, bills and property on your behalf.

Health & welfare

LPA for health and welfare allows a chosen person to make decisions about your healthcare and medical needs.

When You need an LPA (Lasting Power Of Attorney)?

If you suffered from a severe accident or stroke which affected you physically as well as mental health, then it may become difficult for you to manage your financial affairs and assets. It can also be difficult for you to take the right decisions. With a Lasting Power of Attorney, an individual of your choice gets the power to make decisions and take actions on your behalf when you are not in a condition to act on your own.

When You may need an LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney)?

There are certain conditions and circumstances where having an LPA saves your family’s future.

Certain kind of diseases, such as Motor Neuron disease, Dementia, Stroke or Parkinson’s disease, which can adversely affect your decision making abilities.

If you lose your mental capacity or you have a mental problem, without LPA your family can lose thousands of pounds and waste time gaining the permission to handle your legal and financial affairs.

If you don’t have an LPA, any mutual bank accounts which you may have with someone could be restricted or suspended. This can cause serious problems, especially if your bills are paid through this account or your income or pension is credited to this account.

In these circumstances, having an LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) in place is of paramount importance. Unexpected events can hit anyone at any time so you should remain prepared with an LPA to manage such circumstances before they strike.

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