Equity release

Equity release is a way for older homeowners to access some of the money (the equity) that is within the value of their home.

The money you release is yours to spend on what you want. Popular choices are home improvements, repaying debts, helping children on to the property ladder or simply enjoying later life.

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Equity release

What could equity release do for me?

  • You can pay off your mortgage or debts
  • To supplement your income
  • Help a family member financially
  • The cash you might need for home improvements or a new car
  • To pay for something for yourself, such as the holiday you have always dreamed of
Equity release
  • You can stay in your own home
  • No payments unless you want to
  • You will never owe more than the value of your house
  • Access to low interest rates
  • You could avoid paying inheritance tax