Funeral Plans

We have a range of Funeral Plans to suit every every need and budget. A funeral plan has 3 main benefits:

Save money

Death is a harsh reality which is bound to effect us all. So why not plan for it? With our funeral plans, you can ease the financial burden from the shoulders of your family after your death.

Funeral arrangement costs which are rising day by day, according to the Sun lost cost of dying report the average cost of funeral Directors costs in 2019 was £4417 and by 2030 is expected to be around £6900.

By taking a Funeral Plan you can lock in at today’s prices and even if you die in 30 years there will be nothing else to pay. Our Funeral Plans range from £1895 to £4095, so far cheaper than 2019 prices.

Make Things Convenient For Your Loved Ones during an Emotional Crisis

You can make things simple and convenient for your loved ones by taking our funeral plan. It assures that all your direct funeral costs are covered and all the arrangements are taken care of tailored to your wishes. This removes much of the stress and burden from your loved ones at a particularly difficult time.

You can spread the cost

You can spread the cost to make your funeral more affordable. We have plans with monthly payments starting from £19.19 per month


Funeral plans

Why Do You Need Our Funeral Plan?

  • To provide your loved ones with full assistance in arranging your funeral you wanted to have so that they won’t be burdened with the additional financial load.
  • To provide you protection against rapidly increasing funeral costs, which have increased by 70% during the past ten years.
  • To have the peace of mind that you will have a funeral that you want after your death.
  • Immediate response to a single phone call to make funeral arrangements.

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Bespoke Funeral Plans to Fit Your Budget and Fulfill Your Wishes

We can provide you with a bespoke funeral plan. You can share your budget and requirements with us, and our funeral specialist can come up with an individualized plan.

We keep in view your wishes as well as the amount of money you can afford for your funeral plan with national coverage. The money you pay is kept in Trust safe, so it’s secure and guaranteed to pay for your funeral. Upon death, it is transferred to a local funeral director.

How We Protect Your Money?

Funeral costs are increasing day by day, but you need not to worry as you receive the funeral service of your wishes at the time of your death.
We have collaborated with most of the funeral directors local to you to ensure exceptional service as desired.
We offer flexible payment options from which you can choose as per your budget.
Once you buy our reliable and convenient funeral plan, inform your loved ones and have peace of mind that your funeral will be taken care of when you leave the world.

Get in touch with us now to buy a funeral plan that suits your budget!

* A funeral plan needs to be paid in full before the funeral takes place